Blog by Tim Higham, Curator

Doing Things Differently 

Islands and uncertainty go hand in hand.
Boats and planes get delayed. 
The fish don’t always bite.
Things go awry when you generate your own power, treat your own waste, and collect your own water.
Living with uncertainty is essential for contented island living.
The Small Island Big Ideas festival has never been shy with its themes.
They first sensed something was on its way with the choice of ‘Pandemics.’
Asking ‘Is there life out there?’ led to the island’s dark sky sanctuary.
We’ve explored death, laughter and uncertainty.
We’ve turned the Claris Club into a movie theatre for a world premiere, and now we’re planning the islands’s inaugural book festival.
More than half a dozen island writers have published books over the last few years. It’s time to celebrate their successes and host some of our best loved national writers on our motu.


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